Just Wake Up Great-Full!

Just Wake Up Great-Full!

I am no one to tell any one what to do. I wish that of the things that I have figured out, I wish "LIFE" was one of them. If in fact I had figured out life, would it be over for me? I believe so. 

I am starting to realize more and more what the teachers in my life had tried to tell me. The biggest one I can remember was "Shut Up" Not really but that is what it sounded like all of them were saying, including my dad. Realistically those teachers were just telling me to listen. 

More recently I had a very brief love affair and if I had just listened and talked less I would have a much better friend. I would be a much better person too. 

When I first started out on my journey a few years ago I was waking up every morning and I just for some reason knew that I was broke and my RV was a POS and who cares. 

I woke up grateful, everyday. I was a rebel about all my issues and demons right up til the end because I didn't want to be perceived like a failure. Being a rebel has cost me some break-ups in personal business and it's effected how I have made my living. I was still grateful. 

Although I have distanced myself from people lately I have met new ones who have allowed me and forced me  to branch out, expect more. They have  really made me learn to protect my self more. So as I set here putting breath back into things that I thought would be long gone, my situation is not perfect but realistically I have put both feet on the ground every morning - grateful. 

I encourage each of you to create a positive challenge for yourself today. I will you do it too. I look forward to being here with you guys. I do enjoy to write about my travels and discoveries and SELF discovery is something I am very OCD about. I over think it. I exhaust it. I'm excited to share it with you and Obnoxious Behavior! You get it now? (OXB)  


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