To The Friends Of The (OXB)

To The Friends Of The (OXB)

Hey guys its Taz Cable this is an open blog post to all those that follow me and the (OXB) Brand. You all know the last few years have been a search and rescue operation for me but I am a much better minded person because of it.  So many opportunities and more false starts for me but I have learned and I have adapted. I know what I wanna be when I grow up and finally a final resting place for the (OXB) brand.


Starting in 2019 I am upping the (OXB) teeshirt and gift game and I need your help. I have several phases to get  through 2019 and phase 1 is equipping the ever so famous (OXBus) with the proper equipment to offer instant custom printed and made products at shows and festivals. We have already started launching complete lines online at  but offering "Right Now Items" instead of third party fulfillment of our designs.

I need to get my design speed up and I need to build my look book so I am reaching out to friends of (OXB) in  the South Eastern United States to book home and office parties. Those same offerings to fair and festival goers I will offer you and your guest. 

I will open up my entire catalog to attendees of these parties and I will supply host gifts to the hosts. Kinda like a painting with a twist - but - different. I will extend everyone a discount on the (OXB) website for future needs for assisting me during this launch period. Wholesale pricing to businesses and vendors on most items and all my designs is available during this period as well. 

Follow This link to my personal Google Drive to see the full Catalog of offerings and ideas. 

Pictured below are the items I am carrying in the (OXBus) in February so I will have some of this in stock in January for these special Home & Office Design parties like  I am asking you to host today! The stock in the (OXBus) will change with the season and that is another reason why I am offering the entire catalog to you and a few of your friends so that I can see interests and uses. 

The equipment should arrive by January 15th and I will be in and around the Knoxville region. I will need 35 Feet to either street park or driveway park the motorhome. I will have 100 Feet of drop cord to run for power. So see NOTHING expect a laptop and the cocktails will have to be in your home. 

I will be headed to Florida for February and then to Texas for Canton First Monday Trade Days in March. I will be scheduling these home shows until March and maybe even beyond if it works out. 

If you would be interested in hosting a design party comment on this blog your information or please call me - 865-640-3313 or email me and I will explain the great pricing and quality programs I have created for you! Thanks you all!